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Family Law in Franklin County

Navigating a divorce or custody settlement is challenging and frustrating both financially and emotionally. The proceedings might have you feeling overwhelmed, alone, and hopeless, which doesn’t help you handle things to your benefit. You don’t need to struggle finding an excellent family lawyer in Franklin County—having a trusted attorney from Skyview Law by your side will reduce the stress of the situation, and we are happy to guide you through the complicated difficulties of the experience.

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Why You Need a Family Lawyer
Franklin County

Divorce is an exasperating time for everyone involved. It can be difficult communicating with your former spouse or arranging custody time. There are also the physical and financial hurdles that must be cleared throughout the situation. When divorces are contentious, court cases can stretch on and on. Our attorneys will assist you by offering the important legal advice you need to handle your situation wherever you are in Franklin County. If you live in West Pasco or Pasco, reach out to us today.

Parental Planning

It’s important to keep the health and interests of your children at the forefront of any separation, but sometimes divorces can be fraught with high emotions and contested negotiations. To mitigate the conflict and do what’s best for your children, you need to craft a parenting plan. A parenting plan is a guide that will help both parents navigate their roles and responsibilities as individuals regardless of what’s happening in the divorce, because they must follow the legally-binding agreements. The parenting plan is the best way to ensure that your children are taken care of during the proceedings. Your family lawyer will help you craft a plan that’s best for you, your former spouse, and your children.

Child Custody

Divorce and separation is complicated whenever children are involved. Solidifying your custody agreement can be frustrating and difficult, especially if the divorce is disputed or contentious. Your family lawyer will make sure that both parties are heard, but most importantly ensure that you get the best possible outcome during your custody case. Your trusted attorney can also help you modify existing custody agreements, including third-party custodies. If you need to seek or alter a custody agreement, reach out to us today.


Adopting a child is cause for celebration, especially for families that have endured an incredible wait for the addition of their newest family member. While it’s a joyous moment, adoption is complicated and anyone who adopts must satisfy a huge task list of state-specific legalities. The entire adoption process can be frustrating and expensive—the best way through the process is to hire a trusted adoption attorney that can keep you on track and help you every step of the way.


Divorce is complicated, even when both sides are amicable throughout the process. Divorce is especially complicated when your former spouse is resistant, and it can make the situation frustrating and lonely. Your Franklin County family lawyer will keep the divorce on track, and see that you get your fair share while your rights are protected.

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Divorce, custody, adoption, and parental planning are not things you should have to endure alone.Call us today and see how the attorneys at Skyview Law can assist you.


How Skyview Law Can Help You

Skyview Law handles family law in West Pasco and offers expertise relevant to your family’s situation. Skyview Law helps clients prepare and understand paperwork, provides support in the courtroom, and navigate challenging legal scenarios. Having competent legal aid can also increase the chance of positive outcomes in your case.

Legal Advocates

Court systems are complex, and it’s all too easy to feel intimidated. Having a lawyer by your side prevents you from being taken advantage of.

Reduce Stress

Dealing with family matters in court is often an emotional ordeal, and a lawyer will be able to explain everything that’s happening to put you at ease.

Fast Case Resolution

We save you time because we already know how to file documents properly, which minimizes paperwork slowdowns, and we get you on your way to fulfilling all the legal formalities required by the court.

Dodge Expensive Mistakes

Even non-lawyers know that legal proceedings require you to fill out lots of complicated forms correctly. Making a mistake on these forms can cost you time, as well as money. With a lawyer, you know the paperwork will be completed correctly the first time.

Understand Complicated Matters

Especially in divorce proceedings, unforeseen twists happen all the time. If you find yourself facing an unexpected complication, it’s in your best interest to have a lawyer who can help you navigate the situation.

Avoid Spousal Bullying

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for angry ex-spouses to threaten and intimidate you, but a lawyer will champion your cause and make sure you aren’t bullied into submission or silence.

Frequently Asked Questions

While all lawyers dedicate themselves to their clients, family law attorneys focus on the personal impacts of family cases. They handle heavier topics such as child welfare, custody, or spousal abuse. Their vital role is to navigate tender aspects of a life with impressive legal experience, empathy, and poignancy.

Family lawyers resolve issues and matters that can impact families. A family lawyer will handle marriage, divorce, child custody and adoptions. Certain family lawyers specialize in family matters such as drafting prenuptials and custody agreements, overseeing wills and other documents, paternity, and emancipation.

Family law advice is an emotionally delicate subject, and your lawyer should be thoughtful, empathetic, and sensitive. A good family lawyer respects all personal queries and concerns, and will adequately represent you through the entire process, both legally and personally.

On average, lawyers charge by the hour. Their rates can fluctuate depending on experience, firm, and case, often ranging in rates between $250 to $500 per hour. Family lawyers, due to the nature of these cases, are more expensive. It depends on the dispute, additional needs, the attorney themselves, and other factors.
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About Skyview Law

Jarrod Hays is the founder of Skyview Law. He graduated from Northwestern School of Law in 2008 and opened his practice shortly after that. Since then, Mr. Hays has served the Franklin County community across a range of practice areas. He is a seasoned attorney with ample experience in family law, probate, divorce, child custody, and everything in between.

Mr. Hays is a member of the American Institute of Legal Counsel, as well as several legal groups. He was rated as one of the 10 best attorneys under 40 for client satisfaction in Washington state.