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Parenting Plan Lawyer Yakima, WA

Whether your divorce is amicable or you and your former spouse have trouble agreeing on anything, you’ll need to come up with a parenting plan to ensure that both parents are involved in your child’s life. Even if you get along well, a parenting plan lawyer in Yakima can help you come up with a strategy that works for both of you.

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Need a Parenting Plan Lawyer in Yakima?

One of the biggest challenges people face during a divorce is figuring out where the children will live and how they’ll be taken care of. While it may seem simple at the outset, as you begin working through the details, you may realize that it’s complicated. The Yakima family lawyers at Skyview Law are trained to help families figure out the legal aspects of parenting plans.

There are other situations outside of divorce where a parenting plan may be needed. Parents who aren’t married and aren’t in a relationship may need help developing a parenting plan.

There are also situations where grandparents, other family members, and adoptive parents are involved. Almost any situation outside of a two-parent household typically needs a parenting plan to keep things functional. If you live in Yakima and child support is being withheld by your spouse, family lawyers can help.

Types of Parenting Plans

There are several different types of parenting plans. Each plan is designed to put children in the best possible situation in regards to their circumstances.

Even if you and your former partner agree upon a parenting plan, child custody lawyers in Yakima, WA can help you finalize the details and ensure that both parents are satisfied with the plan.

Traditional Parenting Plan

A traditional parenting plan is what most people think of regarding custody between two divorced parents. The child has a custodial parent whom they live with the majority of the time. The other parent has visitation every other weekend and usually for a visit one afternoon each week.

Long-Distance Parenting Plan

Some parents live too far apart for a traditional parenting plan to work. These parents will need a long-distance parenting plan. With this plan, the child lives with the custodial parent for most of the year, particularly when school is in session.

The child visits the other parent during breaks and holidays, such as summer, spring break, and Christmas. 

Joint Custody

In a joint custody plan, both parents get equal time with the child. The kids usually spend one week with one parent and the next week with the other parent. In some situations, usually with younger children, the child may go back and forth every few days.

Infant Parenting Plan

Infants often need more time with the mother, particularly if the baby is breastfeeding. Infants usually don’t do overnights with the father while the baby is breastfeeding. 

However, since it’s recommended that young children see the non-custodial parent frequently, the father may visit every few days or even every day for a few hours at the time. These plans usually move toward joining custody or a traditional parenting plan as the child gets older.

Restricted Parenting Plan

In a restricted parenting plan, the non-custodial parent has limited access to the child because they pose some sort of threat to the child’s physical or mental well-being. The parent may suffer from addiction or have a history of abuse.

The parent usually has supervised visitation but may have no access to the child if the threat is directly harmful to the child, even in a supervised setting.

How Is Custody Determined?

Ideally, the parents figure out the custody arrangements on their own. However, in some cases, parents may need mediation or even a court hearing to help determine what’s in the best interests of the child.

A family lawyer can help parents reach a custody agreement or, if necessary, help a parent win custody. They can also help Yakima residents get child support in WA with a parenting plan.

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How Skyview Law Can Help You

When determining what’s best for your children and family, you need a parenting plan lawyer in Yakima, WA. Skyview Law has experience working with parenting plans and custody cases. They can help you navigate the paperwork and can represent you in the courtroom. Skyview Law helps you make the most out of a difficult situation.

Legal Advocates

Court systems are complex, and it’s all too easy to feel intimidated. Having a lawyer by your side prevents you from being taken advantage of.

Reduce Stress

Dealing with family matters in court is often an emotional ordeal, and a lawyer will be able to explain everything that’s happening to put you at ease.

Fast Case Resolution

We save you time because we already know how to file documents properly, which minimizes paperwork slowdowns, and we get you on your way to fulfilling all the legal formalities required by the court.

Dodge Expensive Mistakes

Even non-lawyers know that legal proceedings require you to fill out lots of complicated forms correctly. Making a mistake on these forms can cost you time, as well as money. With a lawyer, you know the paperwork will be completed correctly the first time.

Understand Complicated Matters

Especially in divorce proceedings, unforeseen twists happen all the time. If you find yourself facing an unexpected complication, it’s in your best interest to have a lawyer who can help you navigate the situation.

Avoid Spousal Bullying

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for angry ex-spouses to threaten and intimidate you, but a lawyer will champion your cause and make sure you aren’t bullied into submission or silence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parenting plans are specialized documents agreed upon by the parents of a child, whose details are approved by a court of law. When parents can’t agree over the parenting plan, the court will determine the relationship of the parents who hold custody. Parenting plans cover aspects of a child’s life including healthcare, education, physical and emotional well-being, and a visitation schedule.

Sometimes the agreed upon parenting plan requires particular modifications in a child’s life. Modifications can include visitations, parenting schedules, and child support. Modifications can be agreed upon by each parent, or the court can rule on the dispute. Addressing particular changes or challenges while drafting the plan can save time and money.

To modify an existing parenting plan, you need to file the change with a court. The court charges a fee of around $30-$60, depending on the county and case. Filing fees to modify parenting plans can sometimes be more expensive if you are filing out of county. There are additional costs such as copy fees, serving fees, and any attorney costs.

A participant in legal matters such as child parentage, divorce, legal separation, parenting plan, or child custody modification can file in Washington State. You file the parenting plan like any court paper, such as a petition, motion, or response. The plan will then be served to the other parties. The exact process may differ depending on the court and county.

A judge can issue a temporary custody order for special situations, such as deployed military causing a move of substantial distance. That type of temporary custody orders end after 10 days, providing any required notice to the child’s temporary caretaker. Temporary parenting plans can be modified by emergency hearings or judge motions. Other temporary parenting plans may also be put into place for longer terms, up to trial in some matters.

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Mr. Hays is a member of the American Institute of Legal Counsel, as well as several legal groups. He was rated as one of the 10 best attorneys under 40 for client satisfaction in Washington state.

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