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1% Real Estate Listing Fees in Richland, WA

Homeowners can sell their homes without a realtor, but there are legal aspects to selling a home. You may be wondering how to sell your home without a real estate agent. Skyview Law is now offering a 1% listing fee service so you can list your home without a real estate agent. 

You’ll have the opportunity to sell your home and cut out the middle man with a discounted listing fee.

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Sell Your Home With an Attorney for Less!

Everyone wants to save money. Skyview Law offers a discount listing service that will allow you to sell your home with the help of a licensed attorney and his team of Realtors. You can now display your home to your potential buyers at a discounted rate of 1%. We also provide legal services to protect you from any legal traps you might find along the way.

What are the Legal Aspects of Selling a Property?

Many people believe selling their home without help is an easy process.

In some cases, they are correct, but there are many loopholes and traps in the process of selling your home that you might fall for. If you list with Skyview’s access to the multiple list service, you have the peace of mind that a licensed realtor, who is also a real estate lawyer, will follow all the laws when listing your house.

The lawyers at Skyview can help you with cases that include easement disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, contract disputes, commercial and residential agreements.  There are many horror stories of people who thought they were selling their house on their own and saved money, only to find out a mistake was made and they embroiled themselves in costly litigation.  With our service, you do not need to worry about that.

If you’ve never sold your home you might be wondering what percentage do most realtors charge. Usually, a commission for home sales is the seller/agent agreed percentage of the home price. This price is typically a 6% average commission shared by two 3% commission realtors, one realtor representing the buyer, and the second representing the seller.  With Skyview’s listing, we list the home for 1% and offer the buyer’s agent a commission to be agreed upon for bringing a buyer.

How Is Your Service Different Than Competitor X?

There are budget real estate agents who offer services at the same rate. These are 1% real estate agents. Though you will save money upfront for their commissions you might find that a 1% real estate agent is hard to reach because of the number of clients they need to service. Skyview’s team features an attorney and several realtors to help you with your needs, and you will never feel like you are an afterthought.

Our Real Estate Listing Fees

Our listing rate is as follows: $2000 flat fee for homes under $200,000 and 1% listing commission for homes over $200,000. Lastly, there is a maximum of $7000 charge. This cap goes for homes over $700,000.

At Skyview, we want to help you save money and avoid the legal pitfalls that could cost you when you sell your home. We provide the best service for our 1% listing fee by giving you all you need to sell your property and save money.

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