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Dental Malpractice Lawyers in Kennewick, WA

No one likes to go to the dentist. Whether it’s a regular cleaning or more intensive dental work, we grit our teeth (hopefully not literally) and get our dentist visit done. While the dentist isn’t pleasant, at least it’s for your overall health – unless you have a negligent or incompetent dentist.

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Why You Need
a Dental Malpractice Lawyer in Kennewick

If you live in Kennewick, Washington, you live near both the Columbia and Yakima rivers. The area has many natural wonders as well as the conveniences of suburban life. Residents in the tri-city area enjoy the city-sponsored events and opportunities as well as the parks and nature preserves.

However, citizens of Kennewick also have other needs. Healthcare is essential to the average American, and the people of Kennewick are no exception. We expect our doctors and dentists to take care of us properly and keep us healthy. Good medical care isn’t always the case, though.

If you’ve experienced maltreatment in any healthcare, it’s important to seek compensation. It can be challenging to know whether your injuries are malpractice or how to go about looking for financial compensation for them. Dental malpractice lawyers in Kennewick can help you decide the extent of the damage and press charges against the guilty healthcare professional.

Elements of Dental Malpractice Claims

The essential elements of dental malpractice claims depend directly on the relationship between the client and the dentist and the specific action (or inaction) that led to injury on the client’s part. While you can’t file a claim if you aren’t happy with your dental work, you are entitled to compensation if your claim meets these four standards:
  1. You have an established relationship with the dentist in question
  2. You can find a regular example of care in the field
  3. You prove a breach of care (whether that’s an injury, neglect, or failure to meet care standards) 
  4. You’ve recorded and documented the injury or harm you received

Procedures That Inspire Dental Malpractice Claims

Dental malpractice claims can issue from any dental work, from a regular checkup to a complete root canal. Here are some examples of procedures that have inspired malpractice claims in the past:
  • Routine checkups and cleanings
  • Root canals 
  • Crown or bridge placements 
  • Dental injections 
  • Tooth extractions 
  • Orthodontic procedures or treatments 
  • Procedures requiring anesthesia
  • Endodontic surgeries 
  • Oral surgeries  

Dental Malpractice Examples

There are a number of reasons to sue a dentist when malpractice occurs during a standard procedure. You should consider a malpractice lawsuit if you have experienced any of the following:

  • Failure to diagnose a condition, delayed diagnosis, or misdiagnosis
  • Extracting the wrong tooth or unnecessary tooth extractions 
  • Fractured or structural injuries to jaw or mouth 
  • Unsupervised employees
  • Improper treatment or mistreatment 
  • Prescription errors
  • Nerve and joint injuries
  • Misuse of anesthesia 
  • Excessive complications from procedures 
  • Inadequate care for patient’s health and medical history 

On What Grounds Can You Sue for Dental Malpractice?

If you have been injured or have a lower quality of life after your dental procedure, we encourage you to look into legal action. The essential elements of dental malpractice depend on having solid grounds for suing. Suppose your dentist failed to provide you primary care, treated you beyond your previous agreement, caused you injury through incompetence or neglect, or intentionally harmed you in any way. In that case, you are within your rights to sue them for malpractice. 

Compensation Rights and Dentist Liability

A dentist is a medical professional. It doesn’t matter whether your dental professional intentionally injured you or was just careless; if it was their job to take care of your health and they failed, you are entitled to compensation.

Don’t wait to seek legal help to file a claim. The sooner you act, the more likely you are to succeed in court. Your health is essential, and if any medical professional has jeopardized that, you deserve compensation for their actions. A  personal injury lawyer in Kennewick can help you.

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How Skyview Law Can Help You

personal injury lawyer in Kennewick can help you understand complex legal documents, provide support during court proceedings, and give you peace of mind in difficult times. Following the law is crucial for ending a family court case in your favor, and Skyview Law ensures you know what to do and when during your court experience.

Legal Advocates

Court systems are complex, and it’s all too easy to feel intimidated. Having a lawyer by your side prevents you from being taken advantage of.

Reduce Stress

Dealing with family matters in court is often an emotional ordeal, and a lawyer will be able to explain everything that’s happening to put you at ease.

Fast Case Resolution

We save you time because we already know how to file documents properly, which minimizes paperwork slowdowns, and we get you on your way to fulfilling all the legal formalities required by the court.

Dodge Expensive Mistakes

Even non-lawyers know that legal proceedings require you to fill out lots of complicated forms correctly. Making a mistake on these forms can cost you time, as well as money. With a lawyer, you know the paperwork will be completed correctly the first time.

Understand Complicated Matters

Especially in divorce proceedings, unforeseen twists happen all the time. If you find yourself facing an unexpected complication, it’s in your best interest to have a lawyer who can help you navigate the situation.

Avoid Spousal Bullying

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for angry ex-spouses to threaten and intimidate you, but a lawyer will champion your cause and make sure you aren’t bullied into submission or silence.

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